A look at Brooklyn Point’s massive residential skyscraper project


ULMA Construction has sent us these impressive images of the construction work on Brooklyn Point, as the tallest residential in the borough takes shape.

The project, when complete, will be more than 720 feet tall, with 68 stories and will include what is described as the western hemisphere’s highest infinity pool. Developers Extell Development Company said earlier they had arranged $530 million in financing for the structure, which will include 458 units and 40,000 sq. ft. of indoor and outdoor amenities.


ULMA, a Canadian based concrete forming company, says in its news release that it “worked directly with the customer to provide comprehensive support for this project, including engineering solutions using ULMA’s forming, shoring, and safety windscreen systems.

“The beginning of the project consisted of forming tall monolithic columns and walls that were more than 20’ high,” the contractor said, explaining that 16,000 sq. ft. of formwork were used to build the building’s inside and outside columns and walls.

The company also provided an average of 11,000 sq. of shoring, with erection set to keep the desired concrete cycle of three days.

“A critical part of the building’s design was a transfer level that was 26’ tall, ULMA said in its statement. “To support this floor ULMA’s engineers had to design shoring spans between 13 and 17 feet long, supporting shoring spans for the 9 inch thick concrete slab with a shoring height up to 26 feet high.”


“The HWS safety perimeter windscreen was selected by the customer to protect their workers while performing work around the construction jobsite. Some 36 HWS units were designed to surround the building and cover 4 and a ½ building floors. Each HWS unit included walkways for access from the HWS structure to the building itself. To accommodate any construction hoists and crane supports the windscreens where build with a flat design so that the HWS screens could fit between the building edge and crane and hoist.”


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