BANA & Me Inc. releases new project management platform with social media concept


BANA & Me Inc. recently released its new project management platform developed to integrate the entire construction team into one cloud-based location.

The BLACK BOX FORUM on is designed to utilize any member of the construction team to document, photograph, and track projects in real time from a computer or mobile device.

It’s for commercial, industrial and residential users and the creators are calling the platform “Facebook for construction.”

The BLACK BOX FORUM provides an open dialogue box to add whichever specific content is necessary to properly document the project:

  • Post comments or request information by utilizing the real-time access as an instant message system
  • Upload construction plans and documents for easy reference for the entire team
  • Snap photos of existing conditions and post daily reports, including JHA’s, to protect contractors and owners from liability claims
  • Capture photos or videos of the project as it progresses
  • Add captions to any photograph to easily identify its purpose
  • Photo-document receipt and condition of equipment and material deliveries
  • Notify code enforcement of needed inspections (Inspectors can virtually approve progress with simply a comment to the forum)

Every action is timestamped.

That means the entire project is documented with efforts from office staff, subcontractors, onsite staff, owner representatives, inspectors, and design team.

It’s a convenient way to know the status of all of your projects at all times and to catch mistakes before they occur.

Also, with BLACK BOX FORUM, it’s easy to share the progress of your every project with executive staff in minutes.  1Showcase your performance to prospective new clients.

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