Buffalo completes paving, streetscape project ahead of schedule


New York Construction News staff writer

A $13.4 million paving and streetscaping project on Allen Street in Buffalo has been completed ahead of schedule.

“I am proud of all the hard work my staff and the department of public works have done to finish this extensive project early,” said Mayor Brown. “The completion of this project represents a community connection, bringing together the Medical Campus with the city’s vibrant Allentown district.”

Construction started in March 2019 before the pandemic. The final stretch of the project, between Elmwood Avenue and Wadsworth Street, was originally slated to be finished by mid-October. In the coming weeks the city will add a few finishing touches including trees, additional lighting, and public art.

In addition to repaving sidewalks and streets there was a complete reconstruction of the underground utility infrastructure. Workers replaced all the water and sewer lines and the street light wiring.

Allen Street runs through the center of the historic Allentown neighborhood. Working with the City and Bergmann Associates, Halvorson is radically redesigning the street to serve the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and an active community.

The project reimagines Allen Street as a complete street with improved edges, increased safety and clearly defined travel ways to improve traffic flow. Movable bollards will be installed along the raised parking lane to allow flexible use with the street’s busy event schedule. The City will be able to easily limit parking on one or both sides of the street to accommodate farmer’s markets, art shows or parade routes. Other complete street features will include improved pedestrian crossings, new street trees, permeable pavement and furnishings that make Allen Street a pleasant environment for all users.

“Since the Allen Street Complete Project began in 2019, Allentown businesses owners have patiently waited for neighborhood streets to fully reopen to traffic and commerce,” said Jonathan D. Rivera, assemblymember for New York State’s 149th assembly district. “The recently completed redesign work along Allen Street will not only provide significant infrastructure improvements, but will now accommodate increased mobility, enhanced economic vitality, and improved safety.”


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