Con-Tech Construction Technology, Inc.: Building a successful family-owned masonry and concrete business on solid union labor values

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Carmel based Con-Tech Construction Technology, Inc. began in 2003 with small masonry and concrete projects. Today, it has grown into one of the top 10 contractors in New York, with key projects for municipalities, school boards and institutions across the state.

Vice-president Pasquale Carino grew up working alongside his father, a union mason. When his father was diagnosed with cancer in 2001, his mother decided to start the business as a way to ensure the family’s income. While his mother oversaw operations, he worked in the field, taking on projects including retaining walls, patios and concrete foundations. Once his father was cleared of cancer, he too worked for the company.

In 2005, Con-Tech Construction Technology bid on its first major project for the New York State Department of Transportation. Today, the company’s work includes excavation, landscaping, masonry, hardscaping, paving, asphalt, sidewalks, streetscapes and driveway installation.

“As we grew we added more commercial work, including state and heavy highway projects and have been very busy since, doubling our business several times over,” he said. Now Pasquale, his mother and father, and his wife, all have key roles in the union-shop family business. The union crew averages between 15 and 20. “We’ve been involved in several correctional facility projects that have driven our numbers up to 35 to meet the specific demands of those.”

Con-Tech has succeeded and grown in the industry by meeting specific project challenges. While the company doesn’t always submit the lowest bid, Pasquale says in many instances the business is hired to get the work done because it has built a reputation of delivering on time and within budget. “We do a lot of school district work and recently had a $3.3 million project that had to be completed within just two months.”

In 2015, the team successfully completed the Peekskill Waterfront Project with a pedestrian bridge and art installations. The community and neighbouring cities recognized it for its complexity and on-time completion.

Working on projects across the region from Westchester to Putnam and Duchess, across Orange and Columbia counties, Carino says Con-Tech’s team will take on projects of any size. “We did a project recently that was around $1 million and will do others that are several million dollars in scope.”

Con-Tech has built strong relationships over the years. Individuals who worked with the business at the start will still call on the company to help get the job done.

“We do work for general contractors, for municipalities and other levels of government, and as a small, family business, are really able to take on anything for anyone.” Carino says the company’s long-term relationships are built in part on a reputation developed by working closely with clients, and demonstrating care and dedication and pride in a job well done. “We offer clients a personal touch and a personal guarantee that still goes along way,” he said.

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