Construction to begin on Laurens solar plant

Credit: Solstice

Solstice says that the construction on the new 13-acre community solar farm in Laurens will begin next week.

The project, on Pool Brook Rd. north of village, will bring power to 400 households throughout Otsego and the surrounding counties. The project developer is Delaware River Solar.

Cindy Menges, a spokesperson for the project developer, said that the project would bring around $300,000 in additional revenue to the town and would create 37 full-time construction jobs during the installation phase.

“Eighty percent of the population nationwide cannot install solar panels because of cost, their roof is to old or their roof doesn’t face the right way,” Solstice spokesperson Andrew Alayza said in a statement. “Community solar projects, in a centralized location, produce electricity on behalf of the subscribers, sends it to NYSEG, and the customer gets those credits on their electric bill.”


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