EarthCam video: 11 years of One World Trade Center construction in three minutes


Here’s a video from EarthCam documenting the construction of One World Trade Center, the tallest building on the York City skyline, compressing 11 years of construction work into a three-minute perspective.

In a statement, Earthcam says the building made history on April 30, 2012 “by surpassing the Empire State Building at 1,454 ft. being the tallest building in New York City.”

“In remembrance of the 2001 attacks on the twin towers, One World Trade has become an iconic landmark in American history. EarthCam is honored to have documented the construction progress of this amazing milestone for New York from 2004-2015,” the organization says.

“Documenting the project for 11 years, EarthCam’s construction cameras captured hundreds of thousands of high definition images and our Creative Team hand-edited the footage to create this exclusive movie. Take a few moments to celebrate this historical rise up for New York and American History with the birth of the Freedom Tower in less than 3 minutes.”


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