GlobalFoundries announces $11.6 billion expansion


New York Construction Report staff writer

GlobalFoundries, headquartered in Saratoga County, is gearing up for an $11.6 billion expansion of its Fab 8 semiconductor manufacturing site in New York’s Capital Region. The plan includes enlarging the current facility and constructing a new 358,000 square-foot semiconductor facility in Malta, effectively tripling the company’s capacity.

The U.S. Department of Commerce this week announced $1.5 billion in planned direct funding as part of the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act.

GlobalFoundries, a significant semiconductor manufacturer, produces chips powering everyday technologies like secure mobile payments, airbag deployment, and U.S. defense systems. The existing Fab 8 facility in Malta produces 400,000 wafers annually, with over $15 billion invested in the region, employing 2,500 individuals.

Construction on the new facility is set to begin in 2025, operating under a project labor agreement with workers paid federal prevailing wage rates at a minimum.

The company aims to ensure that 30 percent of eligible construction spending and 20 percent of eligible ongoing annual operating spending benefit companies owned by individuals from traditionally underrepresented communities.

To qualify for New York’s Green CHIPS program, Empire State Development and GlobalFoundries will establish a Green CHIPS Sustainability Plan, including the use of 100 percent renewable energy, potential onsite solar energy infrastructure, and construction meeting minimum LEED Gold standards.


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