Gov. Hochul visits Second Avenue Subway expansion, expected to move forward with $23 billion in grant opportunities

gov hochul at subway tour

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul joined elected officials and leaders from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) on Nov. 23 to tour the site of the Second Avenue Subway expansion that would extend the Second Avenue line to 125th St in East Harlem.

“With the $23 billion in new grant opportunities for transit expansion, projects like the phase two of the second avenue subway are no longer going to be talked about on a drawing board, but actually accomplished.” she said.

“They were ready to go in 1939 and World War II slowed it down. Then they’re ready to go in the 1970s and the financial crisis of that era slowed it down again. So finally, in 2021, and hopefully approvals very soon will allow us to announce the start of it in 2022, we’ll be able to get it done.”

“All of our New Yorkers deserve a 21st century infrastructure experience,” Hochul said. “And what does this experience look like? Well, it’s not going to look like this, my friends. It’s going to be bright, it’s going to be beautiful, uplifting, WiFi connections, accessibility for people with disabilities, so important. Escalators, ADA accessible. It’s going to be high ceilings, it’s going to be welcoming, all the things that you sometimes don’t feel right now when you’re in our system.”


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