Historic Eight unit townhouse probably to become fancy single family home near Central Park

42 w 94 ave

It may be one of New York’s most ambitious and most prominently located single family home projects. Regardless, visible plans for a townhouse at 42 West 904th Street in Manhattan have attracted interest and some speculation, according to a report by New York YIMBY.

The website reports that local architects Groves & Co. has filed documents to obtain approvals from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. for the three-story townhouse originally built in the late 1800s by architect and developer Increase M. Grenell.

In more recent history, the building functioned as a multi-family home comprised of eight individual units, NYYIMBY reports. “According to records made public by real estate broker Brian Silvestry, the building sold in January 2018 for $4.35 million to a purchaser listed as 42 West 94th, Inc.”

42 West 94th Street
Google Maps image of 42 West 94th Street

The renderings don’t clearly state that the project will be a single family home, but they indicate this is its intent.  Planned alterations include expanding the building’s overall footprint, removal of a front stoop, a new rear facade and penthouse level, and a basement-level entrance on 94th Street.

The shareholders behind 42 West 94th. Inc. are unknown.


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