Mayor Adams signs Bill to create ‘fair housing framework’


New York Construction Report staff writer

Legislation signed by Mayor Eric Adams this week establishes a “Fair Housing Framework.” The new law helps to ensure that every neighborhood plays an equitable role in addressing the city’s housing crisis through community district-level housing production targets and an assessment of unique community housing needs.

“New York’s uneven and insufficient housing production has failed to meet New Yorkers’ needs for too long, increasing housing costs and displacement pressure in some neighborhoods while others produce virtually no housing,” said New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) Director and City Planning Commission Chair Dan Garodnick. “I commend Mayor Adams, Speaker Adams and the City Council on their commitment to addressing this pressing issue and look forward to working with them as we continue to advance zoning and land use solutions to create a more affordable, integrated city.”

New rules require HPD and DCP to work with other relevant agencies to create a citywide fair housing assessment and strategic equity framework every five years, exploring the obstacles the city must overcome to achieve housing stability and reach the city’s fair housing goals.

The city will produce an assessment of long-term citywide housing needs, five-year housing production targets for each community district, and a strategic equity framework that will report on the obstacles and strategies for achieving them. The plan will also focus on the production and preservation of affordable housing, anti-displacement resources, and neighborhood investments for underserved communities.

“We applaud Mayor Eric Adams for signing Speaker Adrienne Adams’s Fair Housing Framework. This legislation will help address the housing shortage and ensure every neighborhood is adding housing,” said Rachel Fee, executive director, New York Housing Conference. “By setting neighborhood targets for housing this legislation will hold the administration and City Council members accountable to addressing our need for affordable housing and sharing the work across the city.”


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