Netflix building $848 million production center in New Jersey


New York Construction Report staff writer

Netflix will construct a new $848 million production facility on the former Fort Monmouth U.S. Army base in Monmouth County, N.J., near the Atlantic coast.

The plan includes building out 500,000 sq. ft. of space across 12 soundstages on the 292-acre property, which houses the former military installation’s residential, administrative, research and development, warehouse, workshop and general-purpose buildings.

“This transformative investment will serve as a cornerstone in our efforts to create a thriving industry from whole cloth,” Gov. Roy Murphy said in a statement. “As a result of nearly a billion dollars in film production spending, New Jersey will further solidify its status as an emerging national leader in the television and film industries.

The first phase of construction includes soundstages, which will range in size from 15,000 sq. ft. to 40,000 sq. ft., each with a total buildout of between 180,000 sq. ft. and 480,000 sq. ft. Additional work could include office space, production services buildings, mill space, studio backlots and other common film industry facilities. Netflix might also build retail and consumer experience space.

“Netflix’s arrival in the State of New Jersey is a boon for the hard-working men and women of the Building Trades. Together, we’ll build studios and sets that will rival the world and show exactly what New Jersey has to offer,” said William T. Mullen, president of the New Jersey Building & Construction Trades Council.

The full, two-phase plan for a sustainable, integrated film studio campus will be completed over several years.

Additional and ancillary improvements may include office space, production services buildings, mill space, and studio backlots, among other uses customary to the film industry, with the potential for consumer-facing components, such as retail and consumer experiences.

Netflix was one of four applicants that submitted proposals in response to a Request for Offers to Purchase (RFOTP) issued by FMERA in March 2022.The deal now enters a due diligence period and local approvals process before being finalized.

Netflix will pay $55 million for the land, including a utility contribution of $5 million and the FMERA office relocation fee of $3 million, per the terms of the RFOTP.

“We are excited about this announcement and the economic opportunities both in the construction and operations of Netflix. It will be a great economic engine for the citizens and taxpayers of central New Jersey for jobs and economic growth,” said Wyatt Earp, president, Monmouth and Ocean Counties AFL-CIO.


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