New seniors’ complex will bring affordable housing to Yonkers neighborhood


New York Construction Report staff writer

A $44 million development being built Yonkers that will provide affordable housing for people 62 years or older with incomes below 60% of the Area Median Income.

“This project will help to ensure that seniors in Yonkers have a safe, comfortable place to live in the vibrant community they call home,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said at a ground-breaking ceremony in October.

As a Passive House building, construction will incorporate a high-performance envelope with greater airtightness compared to typical building and construction standards, resulting in improved temperature control and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The building will also feature energy-efficient lighting systems, mechanicals, and facilities.

An emergency generator will ensure that systems remain operable in the event of a blackout. Apartment units will include low-flow plumbing fixtures, individual high-efficiency electric heart and cooling, and LED lighting. The building itself will have a high-efficiency envelope, dual-pane insulated windows, and a central hot water heating and distribution system.

“The La Mora Senior Apartments is an example of what can be done nationally to incorporate sustainable features into affordable housing. Our seniors must be protected from the ravages of climate change such as flooding in areas that are still suffering from past redlining practices that have impacted urban neighborhoods,” said Wilson Kimball, Municipal Housing Authority for the City of Yonkers President and CEO.

The four-story building that will be constructed on the southern edge of the city, on land purchased by the Municipal Housing Authority of the City of Yonkers.


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