New York State allocates $66 million for water infrastructure projects

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The New York State government has allocated $66 million to support vital water quality infrastructure projects across the state. The grants and low-cost financings approved by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation’s (EFC) Board of Directors support 16 municipalities and public authorities in upgrading their drinking water and wastewater systems.

“Clean water is one of the most important things for a community, and by providing resources to invest in critical water projects, we can bolster public health and quality of life throughout our state,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said in a Jan. 13 statement. “This funding will help local governments make critical upgrades to protect water quality for New Yorkers for generations to come. Through these projects, we can lay the foundation for growth and economic development by providing critical necessities for water.”

More than $8 million will be awarded to two Long Island communities to construct systems that treat emerging contaminants in drinking water. Other highlights of the awards include over $10 million to the Village of Webster in the Finger Lakes Region for wastewater treatment plant improvements, and a $400,000 grant to Voorheesville in the Capital Region for a sanitary sewer service that will help protect groundwater.

The Board’s approval includes financing through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) and grants pursuant to the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA).

Project funding approved at the meeting includes:

Clean water projects

  • Village of Rushville in Ontario County – $69,338 WIIA grant and $1,696,462 in long-term, interest-free financing to improve the wastewater treatment plant and collection system.
  • Village of Tivoli in Dutchess County – $919,150 WIIA grant and $6,042,750 short-term, interest-free financing for wastewater collection and treatment system upgrades.
  • Village of Warwick in Orange County – $3,062,500 WIIA grant, $4,593,750 in short-term, interest-free financing and $4,593,750 in short-term, market-rate financing to expand the wastewater treatment plant and improve water quality in the Wawayanda Creek.
  • Village of Webster in Monroe County – $1,414,250 CWSRF grant and $9,485,750 in short-term, interest-free financing to plan, design and construct wastewater treatment plant improvements.
  • Rockland County – $2,875,000 and $3,375,000 WIIA grants for Sewer District No. 1 projects, including pump station upgrades, odor control system replacements and improvements to heating and ventilation systems.
  • Town of Rotterdam in Schenectady County – $533,000 WIIA grant for construction of the Carman Road Sewer Extension No. 2.
  • Village of Voorheesville in Albany County – $400,000 WIIA grant for the planning, design and construction of a sanitary sewer service for the central portion of the village to protect groundwater quality.
  • Town of York in Livingston County – $442,564 WIIA grant to improve the Retsof Sewer District sewer collection system.

Drinking water projects

  • Village of Canajoharie in Montgomery County – $1,650,000 WIIA grant and $1,100,000 in short-term, market rate financing for a new water storage tank, replacement of pumps and controls at the Abeling Street pump station, and distribution system improvements including watermain, hydrant and valve upgrades.
  • Village of Mayfield in Fulton County – $407,700 WIIA grant and $1,417,300 short-term, market-rate financing to replace an existing 150,000 gallon water storage tank with a new 200,000 gallon water storage tank.
  • City of Plattsburgh in Clinton County – $3,000,000 WIIA grant and $2,801,800 in short-term, interest free financing for the first phase of a new drinking water well project, including the construction of an initial production well and base infrastructure.
  • City of Watervliet in Albany County – $3,000,000 WIIA grant and $4,024,650 in short-term, market-rate financing for water treatment plant improvements, including structural improvements and new processes to fully automate operations.
  • Town of Diana in Lewis County – $283,200 WIIA grant for well improvements, the installation of a 350,000 gallon water storage tank and the installation of a new water main.
  • Greenlawn Water District in Suffolk County – $3,171,600 WIIA grant for the construction of a new process to treat emerging contaminants at the water treatment facility.
  • Village of Mineola in Nassau County – $4,980,000 WIIA grant for the construction of a new process to treat emerging contaminants at the water treatment facility.
  • Town of Wappinger in Dutchess County – $1,053,000 Intermunicipal Grant to install two water supply interconnections.


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