NY construction manager offers advice on implementing COVID-19 safety guidelines

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Stefano Braganti, executive vice-president of HAP Construction says he has identified a number of ways to practically implement COVID safety guidelines on the construction site.

“We have utilized our jobsite experience to comply with COVID-19 protocols established by the CDC in the most efficient way possible,” Braganti said in a statement.

By managing construction projects in New York City, Braganti offers the following advice:

Certification forms

“To determine if workers are healthy and COVID-free, develop a standard set of questions to be answered daily. Be sure to keep them short and simple, or it will unnecessarily delay the start of each workday. Designate specific people to oversee the process and provide ample time every morning.”

Temperature checks

“With daily temperature checks required before workers can enter a building site, construction managers must be able to perform testing without affecting schedules. One way to keep track is to assign different color bracelets each day upon entry. A turnstile can also be set up, and ID cards deactivated for anyone found to have a high temperature.”

Regular testing

“In addition to maintaining six feet whenever possible, regular COVID testing is required. I strongly recommend having all workers tested at least once every two weeks. This should be done on a rotating basis to help accurately gauge the overall health of the crew.”

Mask enforcement

“It may be easier to look the other way when a worker does not wear a mask properly, but it is important to take this requirement seriously as it may be the only way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 if someone is sick. Anyone on our site who is in violation will be sent home for the day, and permanently banned if they fail to comply a second time.”


“Try to provide as much training onsite as possible to reinforce safety habits and minimize time spent away from the job. Remember, healthy employees are essential for the success of any project.”


  1. This is good to read about since so many construction workers in my area do not adhere to safety precautions. Our hospitals and urgent care centers do not need any further strain. Mask enforcement and and regular testing is a small inconvenience, especially considering the work alternative of projects falling apart as workers get sick and then spread it to other people.

  2. It is important to establish procedures at construction sites to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Even in the absence of mandatory requirements, certain safety measures are just good practice, as we all work together to fight the spread of the virus.


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