NYC building training facility for public safety


New York Construction Report staff writer

A new training facility for public safety agencies will be built in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams announced at a public safety week event.

Construction of the new Public Safety Academy facility is expected to begin in early 2026 with a completion date in early 2030. The site includes space identified in a survey conducted in 2022 by the Office of Public Safety and the Mayor’s Office of Operations to assess existing public safety and law enforcement training capacity and needs.

The survey found that a unified public safety training center would better allocate resources and reduce redundancies in the city’s training spaces.

Funding for the new facility will include $225 million approved in 2021 to build a new training facility for the DOC on the NYPD Academy campus. The new Public Safety Academy will accommodate both the specialty spaces required for DOC, as well as flexible training spaces to allow for 16 agencies — including the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Police — to train on the new Public Safety Campus.

“By unifying our training efforts with the new public safety academy, this administration is taking a groundbreaking step toward a safer and more efficient New York City,” said DCAS Commissioner Dawn M. Pinnock. “Beyond fostering stronger collaboration among various public safety agencies, this new facility will help to ensure that all our dedicated public safety civil servants, including our very own DCAS Police, receive the highest quality training possible.”


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