Real estate and AEC rallies to support local restaurants and New Yorkers in Need

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One year since the pandemic forced New York to a screeching halt, generous members of the real estate and architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) community have rallied to speed local recovery by raising more than $65,000 from 55 unique contributors in less than one month to support local restaurants, essential workers and New Yorkers struggling to put food on the table.

In December 2020, Bonnie Pfleiderer of Ryan Soames Engineering was inspired to give back to New York City health care workers by donating meals through Feed the Frontlines NYC in lieu of her company’s yearly holiday party.

Pfleiderer, having felt that she could help the cause even more, organized and brought together her friends and top leaders within the New York City real estate and A/E/C industry to further Feed the Frontlines NYC’s mission during the second wave of the pandemic and at a critical time for New York City’s recovery. Together, they launched an executive committee called Friends of Feed the Frontlines on Feb. 1. The committee surpassed their $50,000 goal in less than one month, securing more than 3,600 restaurant meals for New Yorkers.

We are completely humbled by the incredible donations that have poured in from all across our industry,” Pfleiderer said in a statement.

“I must thank our executive committee who didn’t hesitate and went above and beyond to complete the mission: our co-chair Meagan Bianco, Sarah Berman – The Berman Group, Joe Bolano – Colliers Project Leaders, Antonina Caruso – JRM Construction Management, Debra Cole – HLW International, Bridget Cunningham – Vornado Realty Trust, Morgan Gorospe – Corgan, Frances Graham – Newmark, Sofia Juperius – Paramount Group, Morgan Patterson – MASHstudios and Tony Pagano – MGI International. Because of your hard work, our efforts have helped so many people.”

Top donors including Reidy Contracting Group, LLC and Sciame Construction have each donated $5,000 to further the mission, pushing the committee well past its $50,000 goal. These companies faced losses and challenges of their own over this past year, but they graciously stepped up to support those who have sacrificed the most and who fought each day on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pat Reidy, president of Reidy Contracting Group said, “We are grateful to be part of the Feed the Frontlines initiative, which is doing such critical work for our city during such a challenging time. We are proud to come together with others in our industry to support such an important cause.”

Frank Sciame, CEO and Joseph Mizzi, president, Sciame Construction, LLC said, “When called on, we act. As a company with a 45-year history of building throughout NYC, we know what’s most important to New York and to New Yorkers. One of those things is to stand in partnership with our peers supporting great efforts such as Friends of Feed the Frontlines.”

Isabella Di Pietro, co-founder and executive director of Feed the Frontlines NYC, said: “We are so grateful to Friends of Feed the Frontlines and all the generous contributors from the real estate and AEC industries for supporting our work during this critical time. Their support means we can continue to help our hardest-hit restaurants, essential workers and community members weather the devastating impacts of this pandemic. We know this past year has been incredibly challenging across industries – so we are especially grateful to everyone who has stepped up to support our efforts.”

So far, Friends of Feed the Frontlines has raised enough to provide more than 3,600 meals for essential workers and New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity. To date, the organization has helped deliver 165,000 meals across New York City and brought 140 restaurant workers back on the job as a direct result of its efforts.

“From individual acts of generosity to collective efforts like Friends of Feed the Frontlines, this is a story of a chain reaction: community members inspiring one another to step up during these difficult times and creating hope for better days ahead,” the statement said.



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