Romanian engineer helping to revise NYC construction code

Romanian engineer Cristian Vimer

The New York City construction code is being revamped and one of the primary people involved is a Romanian engineer.

Cristian Vimer along with his business partner, Erik Madsen, are sitting on one of the committees reviewing New York City construction code provisions. Both men are sitting on the Structural Technical Committee, while Vimer is also on a building design subcommittee.

The Romania Insider said Vimer and Madsen are associated with Madsen Consulting Engineering, a company employing 10 people, six of whom are engineers.

Construction Codes set minimum standards for the design, construction and occupancy of buildings. To ensure NYC’s construction regulations are up-to-date, construction codes are updated from time to time. Standing codes have been in place since 2014 with an update due in 2020.

Vimer is also a researcher with NYU and is working on the development of a sensory system which would monitor the degradation process of infrastructure such as bridges, roads, dams and others.


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