Syracuse accepting comments on upcoming Southeast Side infrastructure project


New York Construction Report staff writer

The City of Syracuse is currently collecting input for a significant infrastructure project on East Colvin Street. The project aims to address the deteriorating condition of the pavement, poor accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists and outdated traffic signals.

City engineers are accepting feedback online using the project page at until June 27. Construction work is not scheduled to begin until March 2025.

The paving and sidewalk rehabilitation plan includes milling the existing pavement, installing an asphalt overlay, and upgrading sidewalks, curbing, and ramp accessibility to meet current ADA requirements.

Work will also incorporate alignment improvements at the intersection of East Colvin Street and Skytop Road to improve safety and efficiency for both pedestrians and motorists. Overall, this project is expected to not only upgrade infrastructure but also provide a safe and maintainable transportation corridor for residents and visitors of Syracuse.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the Spring of 2025.  This project is the second of two projects planned by the city to improve the mobility and safety of vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic along East Colvin Street.

The existing pavement on East Colvin Street is showing signs of aging and distress due to the prevalence of heavy traffic and vehicular loadings. Also, prior utility repairs have cut the pavement in numerous locations and sections of the existing granite curbing are damaged, misaligned, or lacking proper reveal height and some drainage structures require repairs.

East Colvin Street will receive a “2R” type pavement rehabilitation. This consists of rehabilitating East Colvin Street by milling the existing pavement and installing a 3.5-inch thick asphalt paving overlay.  Nominal lengths of intersecting side streets will also be resurfaced. Severely damaged areas of pavement will receive full depth repairs.  Deteriorated sections of curbing will be replaced.

The project also includes alignment improvements to the East Colvin Street / Skytop Road intersection to improve safety for pedestrians and motorists. Eliminating excess pavement and shortening the crosswalks will provide a safer and more efficient intersection.

Distressed sidewalk sections will be replaced, and sidewalk curb ramps will be upgraded to include new embedded detectable warning units.  Crosswalks will include standard high-visibility crosswalk markings and pedestrian signs.

Deteriorated drainage structures will be cleaned and repaired or replaced while anhole and drainage structure rims will be adjusted to finished grade.


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