Consultant launches new construction industry board game

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A Canadian construction training consultant has developed a new board game, described as the first of its kind in North America to focus squarely on the construction industry.

Derek A. Smith, senior facilitator and principal consultant at Constructionlab Ltd., says that JOBSITE – The Board Game will be assembled and shipped throughout North America from London, Ontario.

JOBSITE, designed for players aged 12 and up has three versions to choose from; an ICI/Civil version, Home Building version, and thirdly, a Design Professionals version that will be in production by May 2022.

Industry associations, organizations and unions have been invited to order during a special pre-public launch period from March 1 to April 30.

“Organizations ordering 50 or more units can imprint their logos and any customized artwork branding desired on the board and box – but more importantly, their association, organization, or union can be built into the game through customized landing squares and challenge cards – informing and educating players about their organization and its purpose,” Smith says in a statement.

The game features several learning opportunities and plays like a combination of Monopoly, Jeopardy and Pictionary, assuring game players hours of playing together, learning together, and laughing together.

A website to explore features of the various games and for ease of customized ordering has been created at

Organizations who wish to explore a resellers agreement as well as buy at retail pricing for gifting to members of their organizations will also have that or both as options.

“We keep hearing about needing to find strategies to engage and inform youth and transitioning adults, for the future of trades, professionals and the industry overall – this is a fun and at the same time, an educational way for families, institutions and organizations to do just that,” Smith said.

“We are bringing to market a traditionally played, high-quality game, that we believe has never existed in North America with such a strong theme and real-world learning about the entire construction and design industry including all sectors. JOBSITE will bring together colleagues, families, and friends to connect and reconnect, even share a laugh. We envision the possibility of different sectors of the industry coming together to play.“

“An incredible opportunity lies in a local construction association leader, for example, reaching out to their local school boards to let them know they have a product that can connect high school students to the industry, in a fun, challenging and forward-thinking way,” Smith says.

jobsite game boxThe games’ inventor also has plans underway to future-proof its position in the market. “We have not lost sight of the metaverse as a next level opportunity – that is definitely on our radar as augmented reality matures in the next five to 10 years. London Ontario is a global leader in digital gaming,” he said..

Orders will take about 10 weeks to fulfill given some current challenges in supply chain, but the company expects that to improve over the next few months.

You can contact JOBSITE- The Board Game by email at


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