PR agency pitches “rags to riches” NY construction success story

April malloy

A public relations agency with the perhaps daunting name Evil Genius is pitching the story of how April Malloy successfully transitioned from being a homeless welfare mother (with 10 children) to operating a NYC construction business with multi-million dollar deals.

The agency says the American Dream story “began as a single mother taking care of ten children while owning and operating Construction 1st Class, a contracting company responsible for constructing everything from, hotels in Times Square to top rated restaurants. However, that’s not all Construction 1st Class does. Construction 1st Class employs women on welfare with the idea of helping them become finically independent. Being a certified member of Professional Women in Construction, Women-Owned Business Enterprise among other organizations you can say, as many do, she’s the boss.”

Coming from an unconventional background including her journey from being a foster child, to being in a difficult marriage, to being homeless, amongst other issues, to owning her own company, she is an inspiration. With her focus on making a difference for women in difficult situations, April’s past has already proven that she can be a shoulder to lean on. 

In addition to her busy schedule, cameras have been following her around New York City to document her work for her new television show called, “She’s the Boss.” With the pilot for the show already complete in combination with her mentality on life, April’s success is inevitable. She is excited, but more importantly, ready to share her story.

The PR agency referenced this video interview:



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