DOB reports on convictions, fines and voluntary supsensions

DOB newsletter image

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) says a criminal court summons has been issued to the owner of a building in Harlem for failing to maintain the property’s deteriorating façade and long-standing sidewalk shed which has been up for more than 10 years.

As well, the DOB reports in its most recent newsletter that two construction sites were recently issued violations for material and debris falls. The general contractors for both projects were given $25,000 fines for this failure to safeguard the sites.

DOB says $148,500 in penalties were recently issued to five separate properties in Manhattan for the illegal transient use of the buildings and related safety issues.

As well, seven different individuals were recently issued $10,000 fines for failing to carry out their duties as registered construction superintendents.

Recent DOB disciplinary actions and voluntary suspensions are listed here.


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