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With the entire world experiencing the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis, people and businesses are looking for reassurance from government and community leaders on what to do next and hoping that life will eventually return to its normal pattern of family, friends and work. As leaders, business owners themselves are facing truly unprecedented challenges. As a result, they are naturally gravitating to experienced advisors to help with the critical, immediate decisions they face in order to survive the pandemic and address the operational and financial challenges that lie ahead.

Those familiar with Grassi Advisors & Accountants may recognize “Strength in Certainty” as being a key component of the company’s vision. That vision was articulated in 2019 following a months-long review of what Grassi has come to mean to clients, employees, and business partners over the firm’s 40 years of service.

“These three words reflect our highest priority, which is to help our clients make the smartest and best decisions – and to help them solve business challenges with the utmost confidence,’ says Robert J. Brewer, CPA, CCIFP, partner and Architecture and Engineering Practice Leader at Grassi. “We understand that the hunger for greater certainty will become increasingly more important in the coming months as business owners work to stabilize their business, take advantage of new tax law incentives and adjust their operations and finances to the new realities we are all facing.”

As the Coronavirus pandemic roils markets and causes stress and uncertainty in businesses, large and small, construction and architecture and engineering companies are looking for answers too. These businesses pose a unique risk profile when combating the impact of COVID-19 due to the nature of their businesses, varying job sites and the numerous people they encounter each day.

“Accurate, reliable information and guidance are key to settling rattled nerves, and Grassi is committed to providing this kind of specialized assistance to construction and A&E businesses,” says Brewer. As an example, he cites work the firm’s construction practice is doing to help construction businesses fulfill their “essential” services and protect their employees from exposure when businesses all around them are putting up shutters or operating with a remote workforce.

Brewer cites the firm’s “all-hands-on-deck” approach to client service as the most important element in times like these. Grassi’s human resources consultants are helping clients address DOL and legal obligations as they opt to terminate/layoff their employees, manage unemployment, and determine whether or not to maintain insurance for sidelined employees.

In the face of uncertainty, contractors, architectural and engineering firms should be considering immediate triage assessments to better understand and address areas of risk. They must also look at the financial measures that should be taken to ensure the long-term vitality of their company. To help, Grassi offers a continuously updated Coronavirus Resource page that includes information resources to aid business owners in the face of the pandemic.

The firm was founded in 1980 by Louis C. Grassi, managing partner and CEO, whose goal was to build a firm that would add true value and provide clients with tools for success.   “Those two ideas are intertwined because we believe that as we provide value to clients our firm is strengthened right along with theirs. This belief has held true for 40 years,” Grassi says. “As a firm, our success lies in our focus on entrepreneurialism, both in how we run the firm and how we approach clients’ challenges.”

Robert Brewer
Rob Brewer

The firm focuses on a client-centered approach designed to support the unique needs of organizations. Its Industry Practice Groups deploy teams of specialists who make it their business to know the specifics of a particular industry, like construction and A&E, so that they are capable of making positive business improvements for clients.

Services Grassi provides are equally wide-ranging, and include:

  • assurance and attest
  • consulting, cyber and information security
  • family office and concierge
  • forensic, litigation and valuation services
  • tax compliance and tax consulting
  • tax controversy
  • transactions and due diligence
  • trust and estate services
  • HR consulting
  • international tax

“The purpose behind everything we do at Grassi revolves around the success of our clients and the enrichment of our relationships,” says Brewer. This focus is never more meaningful than in a time of crisis.

With offices across the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area, Grassi is just a call, email, or visit away from providing services your company needs to succeed, especially in these challenging times. Visit the Grassi website or contact Robert Brewer at

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