New York Department of Labor: Disbarrment List online

disbarment listing
A screenshot of part of the first page of the 440-entry contractor disbarment listing from the New York state Department of Labor

The New York Department of Labor has posted an impressive — and perhaps disturbing — list of 440 entries of contractors and subcontractors disbarred from work with state, municipal or public bodies for failure to pay prevailing wages, falsifying payroll records or kicking back wages or supplements.

You can view the list online here.

Here is the criteria to be included on the list:

Under Article 8 and Article 9 of the NYS Labor Law, a contractor, sub-contractor and/or its successor shall be debarred and ineligible to submit a bid on or be awarded any public work or public building service contract/sub-contract with the state, any municipal corporation or public body for a period of five (5) years from the date of debarment when:

  • Two (2) final determinations have been rendered within any consecutive six-year (6) period determining that such contractor, sub-contractor and/or its successor has WILLFULLY failed to pay the prevailing wage and/or supplements; or
  • One (1) final determination involves falsification of payroll records or the kickback of wages and/or supplements.


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