NYC construction workers uncover “bomb” — a time capsule from an 80’s nightclub

nightclub bomb
The "bomb" turned out not to need disarming -- it contained material from an 80's nightclub time capsule ( image)

The New York Police Department (NYPD) says an object found at a Manhattan construction site that triggered a response from the its bomb squad was a time capsule.

Police say construction crews were digging at a site on West 21st St. between Fifth and Sixth avenues around 1:45 p.m. on July 5 when they found the time capsule, which authorities say looked like a torpedo, and other media outlets reported.

The bomb squad was called to investigate and determined that the object was a time capsule filled with documents.

John Argento, the former owner of a nearby nightclub, says he buried the old missile shell, purchased at an army supply store in the 1980s, to promote a party.

“This was a promotion, you know,” Argento told “It was just a way to have a party and bring people in and get people involved. It was fun and goofy. It was never really meant to be a serious time capsule to the future.”

Argento says he got people write notes and take Polaroids to put in the capsule.

The club closed several years ago. Argento says he forgot all about it until he got a call from the bomb squad.


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