NYC releases interactive map to track major construction projects

nycdob interactive
Credit: New York City Department of Buildings

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) has launched a new, real-time interactive map of all major construction projects in the city, showing the almost 200 million sq. ft. of buildings currently under construction in New York.

The map shows all active permits issued by the department for new buildings, as well as alteration projects involving the enlargement of an existing building.

The map will automatically update in real-time as new permits are issued and existing permits expire. Members of the public will also be able to sort, search, and view permit data by building type (commercial, residential, etc.), the proposed number of dwelling units, square footage, estimated cost, community board boundaries, and general contractors for the project, giving users the ability to find out exactly what is going on in construction projects near them.

“New York has always been defined by change, and that remains true today, with major construction projects taking place in every neighborhood across the five boroughs. This real-time map puts the power of DOB’s data in the hands of all New Yorkers — giving detailed information about construction on your block, your neighborhood, and citywide. The public owns this data, and we are committed to putting it to work for all New Yorkers,” Buildings Commissioner Rick Chandler said in a statement.

Click here to see the new active major construction map.

Each project on the map has links to extensive permit and project details from the DOB’s searchable online database.


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