Rochester declares downtown Parcel 5 a permanent green space


New York Construction Report staff writer

Rochester’s Parcel 5 will remain a permanent greenspace in downtown Rochester. The decision marks another milestone in the city’s ongoing efforts to invigorate downtown and foster a vibrant community.

Mayor Malik Evans also reaffirmed the city’s dedication to creating an accessible and vibrant urban environment. Immediate improvements to Parcel 5 are scheduled to commence in the fall, further enhancing its appeal and functionality for residents and visitors alike.

Standing at the site of the former Midtown Plaza, once a bustling hub of commerce, Evans reflected on the transformation of the area into a vibrant greenspace amidst new developments. He emphasized the importance of preserving this space for future generations to enjoy, highlighting its evolution from a rocky development site to a venue that hosts diverse cultural and community events.

“This city is being revitalized before our very eyes,” said Mayor Evans. “I’m excited to announce that Parcel 5 will remain a permanent greenspace, a place where community will continue to come together in the heart of our city. It is important that we make necessary enhancements to further elevate the appeal and functionality of this friendly and inviting space.”

In addition to declaring Parcel 5 as a permanent greenspace, the plan includes increased access to electricity and water for vendors, enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity, installation of low fencing for ticketed events, and the addition of permanent bicycle racks. A designated dog area will also be created, ensuring that pets and their owners can enjoy the space comfortably.


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