31 projects in Cayuga/Oswego counties get $43 million for development


As part of the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI), the state is providing $43 million to advance 31 projects in Oswego and Cayuga counties.

The REDI aims to increase the resilience of shoreline communities. Identified by the communities and evaluated by state agency experts, the projects address both immediate and long-term resiliency needs, improve economic development and protect critical infrastructure.

Here are some REDI projects and their estimated costs:

– Around $6.50 million for the International Pier Project in the City of Oswego to develop a waterfront pedestrian-friendly space with linkage to a city walking trail. The project includes installation of water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and electrical services, a gateway arch, vehicle parking and controls, relocation and replacement of boat slips, and protection of pier bulkhead and sidewalls for resilience.

– Roughly $6.10 million for the Wright’s Landing Marina Project in the City of Oswego to elevate the marina and improve the resilience of the boardwalk, landscaping, “The Boathouse” restaurant, fire pit, and more.

– The $4.80 million County Route 89 Project in the Town of Oswego will extend the existing sanitary sewer network to new housing for SUNY Oswego, as well as to the Lake Shore commercial district, collecting wastewater from 78 properties. The project will provide a durable stormwater collection system for this community, improving the resiliency of adjacent properties and assets.

– About $2.70 million for the West Bay Road Storm Sewers Project in the Town of Sterling will install 1.8 miles of storm sewer to collect and manage stormwater along West Bay Road, addressing significant erosion and sediment carried into the bay.

– About $1.60 million for the Sterling Nature Center Trail and Parking Area Project in the Town of Sterling to upgrade the Sterling Nature Center. The project will minimize impacts from Lake Ontario by using porous pavement, sidewalks, rain gardens, wetlands, and more, and will restore McIntyre Rd.

– Around $1.50 million for the Phillips Park Walkway Project in the Village of Fair Haven to remove an existing boardwalk, repair and replace a retaining wall, install appropriate anchors, and construct a new boardwalk in compliance with ADA standards. The boardwalk will be used for fishing and other recreational uses.

– The $1.50 million Ontario Shores Drive Project in the Town of Sterling will move, raise, and repave .6 miles of dirt road, ensuring residents and emergency responders have access to homes along the beach.

– The $600,000 West Barrier Bar Park Project in the Village of Fair Haven will protect the park and ensure public access by repaving the asphalt roadway and the parking lot. Increasing the resiliency of this roadway and the park are critical to protecting a nearby marina on the barrier bar.

– $500,000 for the Camp Hollis Project in the Town of Oswego will address shoreline stabilization to prevent septic system overflow in order to protect public health and safety of participants in the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau summer camp program.

– The $480,000 Joe Fultz Boulevard Project in the Town of Scriba will protect the roadway and nearby homes. The project will first conduct an ecological assessment to identify proper drainage and connectivity between the lake and the nearby marsh, as well as dredging and improved road culverts.


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