ASCEND 2019 explores technology and construction in NYC

ascend 2019

The New York Building Congress’s (NYBC) technology and construction conference, ASCEND 2019, takes place today (June 14) at the Times Centre.

Advance information about the event says it “will provide an opportunity to convene frank and honest discussions about ways to drive real change for the future. Our audience will include 300 of the brightest names in building – from proven change makers to decision makers to those who aspire to innovate and want the tools and best practices to make it happen.”

Several speakers will cover key issues relating to topics such as:

  • What are the technologies with the ability to transform the way we build?

  • How can we ensure more resilient and sustainable buildings?

  • How can we facilitate better project tracking and stakeholder communication?

  • How can we create an ecosystem of innovation in an industry slow to change?

  • How can we develop and diversify the workforce of the future?

  • How can we update the building code to remove roadblocks to innovation?

  • How can we facilitate better knowledge sharing between the public and private sectors?

  • How can we facilitate a more tech-enabled procurement process?


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