Construction begins on $1.6 million resiliency project in Niagara County

Construction is underway on a $1.6 million resiliency project, awarded to the Village of Wilson, Niagara County, through the Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative.

The Townline Pier is a popular recreational site, frequented by village residents and visitors to the community. The pier, used for fishing, launching kayaks, and public access to Lake Ontario, has suffered structural damage from increased wind and wave action, and rising lake levels. During record flooding that occurred in 2019, the pier was two feet underwater, making the structure inaccessible and posing a safety risk to watercraft users. The proposed project will mitigate safety hazards as well as ensure continued recreational accessibility.

Resiliency measures to be implemented in the project include: Raising the structure three feet to an elevation of 252′, to allow the pier to remain easily accessible during high water events; Repair to the stairs allowing access to the pier from the shoreline; Mitigating further erosion through the addition of riprap along the shoreline; Construction of a public restroom; and Parking lot improvements.



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