Consulting engineers MRCE receives rebranding treatment


Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE) has been “rebranded”.

MRCE is known for its work on the foundation of the World Trade Center, which is credited with keeping lower Manhattan from flooding after 9/11 because of the “bathtub” they built that houses the building’s foundation, marketing agency BrandTuitive said in a news release.

The rebranding includes brand positioning, messaging, new logo, tagline, overall look and feel and website, The new tagline for MRCE is “built on firm foundations,” which reflects its long heritage of engineering expertise and important work today.

“MRCE has built a reputation for excellence in a high stakes business,” said BrandTuitive president Jeanine Debar.”From building in areas with seismic activity to building close to water, some of the most complex projects in the world have been successfully tackled by this collaborative team of industry veterans and young talent.”

Through the discovery process, BrandTuitive revealed how MRCE’s rich 100-year history provided an unequaled treasure trove of significant industry knowledge, including street maps of underground Manhattan dating back to the early 1900s, core samples of what lies beneath skyscrapers, an in-house instrumentation lab and a library of case studies of innovations developed within their own walls.

BrandTuitive’s work included naming and trademarking the expansive collection of engineering innovation as MRCE’s “Treasury of Knowledge.” The agency is building an interactive display of the items as a new tab on MRCE’s website devoted to sharing this history and innovation with the world. It will launch in the early part of 2017.


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