Cree to build $1 billion silicon carbide fabrication plant in New York


Cree has unveiled plans to build a silicon carbide plant in Marcy, New York.

The new automotive-qualified 200mm power and RF wafer fabrication plant would be the world’s largest silicon carbide fabrication facility.

The new fabrication plant, part of a previously announced project to increase capacity for its Wolfspeed silicon carbide and GaN business, will be a bigger, highly-automated factory with greater output capability, Cree said in a statement.

Ramping in 2022, the size of the new facility will be up to 480,000 sq.-ft. upon completion, approximately one fourth of which will be clean room space.

Cree is investing around $1 billion in construction, equipment and other related costs, while the New York state will provide a $500 million grant from Empire State Development. In addition, Cree will be eligible for additional local incentives and abatements as well as equipment and tooling.

Cree is working to make a transition from silicon to silicon carbide technology to meet the increasing demand for the company’s groundbreaking Wolfspeed technology that supports the growing electric vehicle (EV), 4G/5G mobile and industrial markets.

With a mega materials factory in Durham and a wafer fabrication facility near Utica, Cree will establish a silicon carbide corridor. The company also plans to partner with local community and four-year colleges in North Carolina and New York to develop training and internship programs to prepare its workforce for the high-tech employment.


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