Cuomo creates this Gateway Tunnel video for an audience of one — Donald Trump


This video about the need for the $11 billion Gateway Tunnel under the Hudson River produced by New York governor Andrew Cuomo‘s office is intended for an audience of one — President Donald Trump, the New York Times reports.

To make his case, Mr. Cuomo led a late-night expedition into one of the century-old rail tunnels beneath the river to gather evidence of the urgent need to replace them. And taking a cue from Hollywood, he brought along a film crew.

The federal government under the previous Obama administration had agreed to pay half of the infrastructure project’s costs (the other half to be borne equally by New York and New Jersey), but Trump reneged on the deal, the Times reports.

At publication time in New York Construction Report, YouTube reports this Gateway Tunnel tour video had been viewed 6,986 times. There is no word on whether the intended audience — Donald Trump — has seen it yet.

Things appear to be going nowhere fast, as saltwater from Hurricane Sandy corrodes the already weakened structure by which Amtrak and New Jersey Rail trains reach Manhattan.

“We’re nowhere right now,” Cuomo said. “Are we open to negotiate? Of course. But there’s just no conversation right now.”

(The story, according to the Times, goes back aways, with Cuomo’s current position on the project at a 180 degree variance from his earlier stance.)

The current view, however, is unless steps are taken to solve the problem there will be a crippling economic effect.

“I’m hoping that when the president actually sees the video and sees the damage and understands that you’re talking about the northeast United States — we’re not talking about one subway stop here,’’ Cuomo said. “I hope he gets the message.”

The Times says Cuomo’s office sent the video to the White House on Oct. 18. There is no word on whether Trump has seen it yet, the newspaper reported.


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