DOB NOW extends electronic filing coverage

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DOB NOW: Build reports it is is undergoing a major upgrade and expansion. Phase One of this expansion launches on Dec. 28 and starting then, the following will be required to be submitted via DOB NOW:

  • General Construction (GC) – for all job types other than New Buildings. New Buildings (NB) jobs must continue to be filed in BIS with GC as only work type until Phase Two.
  • Foundation (FO) – all foundation work.
  • Earthwork (EA) – all earthwork.
  • Support of Excavation (SE) – all support of excavation work.
  • Protection & Mechanical Methods (PM) – all protection and mechanical methods.

“Please see the Service Notice for full details on what’s changing in Phase One. Phase Two of the DOB NOW expansion, set to begin later this winter, will include Job/Project Types and Certificate of Occupancy transactions,” an eletter from the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) reports. “A Service Notice will be posted with dates and further details ahead of that launch.”

“In conjunction with the upcoming DOB NOW changes, the Department of Buildings is providing free online training on the new features. If you are a design professional, filing representative, general contractor, or other licensee with a role in the above applications, please sign up for one of the remaining trainings on our DOB NOW Training Page.”


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