NYCDOB releases map showing 8,000 construction sites that require safety training

New York City’s Department of Buildings (NYCDOB) has released a new, interactive map showing the location of construction sites in the New York City where workers and supervisors must have site safety training under Local Law 196 of 2017.

The law requires training for workers at large-scale construction projects, such as major alterations or new building projects. By simply entering the address of their workplace and seeing if it appears on NYCDOB’s map, any construction worker or employer can find out instantly whether they or their site must have safety training.

“Requiring rigorous safety training is a critical step forward in our mission to safeguard construction workers and the public,” Buildings Commissioner Melanie La Rocca stated. “This map gives greater clarity for everyone, especially construction workers, about the sites in our city that require additional safety training. Workers and their employers need to prioritize getting this potentially life-saving training right away.”

Construction and demolition workers at the permitted work sites that are marked on this map currently must have at least 10 hours of safety training and will be required to have at least 30 hours of training by Dec. 1, 2019.

These same workers will be required to obtain at least 40 hours of safety training once Local Law 196 is fully phased in on September 1, 2020. Local Law 196, which Mayor de Blasio signed into law in October 2017, is intended to ensure that workers at higher-risk construction sites have the training required to spot and avoid common hazards on construction sites.

Accordingly, the law mandates training for workers at sites where the NYCDOB requires construction superintendents, site-safety coordinators, site-safety managers, or concrete safety managers.

In addition, as part of Local Law 196, the City Department of Small Business Services is developing a program to provide greater access to construction jobs through safety training, particularly for day laborers, employees of small businesses, and new entrants to the construction industry.

Every construction site on the map has a link to extensive information about each of these projects on NYCDOB’s searchable online database. The map is updated daily, providing current information for members of the construction industry.


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