DOR Woodbridge LLC chosen to build transit-oriented development in Woodbridge, NJ


New York Construction Report staff writer

DOR Woodbridge, LLC – a joint venture of Russo DevelopmentOnyx Equities and Dinallo Development LLC/Terminal Construction has been selected to build a transit-oriented development project at Metropark Station in Woodbridge, Gov. Phil Murphy and New Jersey Transit announced Tuesday.

The 12-acre Metropark Development Project will include office and retail space, housing, community amenities and station-area improvements with bicycle, pedestrian and infrastructure upgrades.

“Terminal Construction’s legacy is around building train stations and we built the most recent parking structure at Metro Park,” said Donald Dinallo, CEO of Terminal Construction. “We’ve participated in a progression that began with simple station buildings and now arrives at a new definition for infrastructure that will include the integration of residential, retail, office and hospitality. It is very satisfying to be part of this team.”

In the coming months, DOR Woodbridge is expected collaborate with NJ Transit, Woodbridge Township and broader project stakeholders to advance the project design and related financing, phasing and implementation plans.

“NJ TRANSIT’s Metropark Station redevelopment represents an opportunity to reinvent one of the busiest transit hubs into a vibrant mixed-use environment with the addition of residential, office, and support retail in a curated pedestrian-oriented environment,” said Ed Russo, CEO of Russo Development.

“We, along with our partners at Terminal Construction and Onyx Equities, are honored to be part of the team that will make this vision a reality.”

Facilitating the development of TOD is one of the five goals in NJ Transit’s 2030 10-year strategic plan, through which the agency is promoting a more sustainable future for the planet by developing walkable communities, engaging in adaptive reuse of property to maximize its value and fostering a green economy by reducing emissions related to transportation.

“Station by station, line by line, we continue our determined overhaul of one of the world’s most critical transportation networks,” said Governor Murphy. “This comprehensive transformation requires infrastructure investments that are complemented by the promotion of walkable neighborhoods, the construction of affordable housing, and the cultivation of economic opportunity.

“By leveraging public-private partnerships like the synergies on display today, we stimulate not just transit-oriented development, but future-oriented communities.”


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