Grubb Properties tops out Link Apartments on Long Island


New York Construction Report staff writer

Grubb Properties held a ceremony last week to celebrate the topping out of Link Apartments QPN in Long Island City, marking a significant milestone for both the building and the company’s efforts to bring essential housing to New York City.

“Few rental markets have been as supply-constrained as the New York metropolitan area,” said Clay Grubb, CEO of Grubb Properties. “Link Apartments QPN is a step toward addressing the city’s critical lack of housing by providing quality rental options for those in the middle of the income spectrum.”

The 28-story development is scheduled to open in 2025.

The topping out ceremony honored a long-standing tradition of commemorating building construction when it reaches its highest point. Teams from Grubb Properties, Consigli Construction and Handel Architects signed the “last beam” carrying the American flag before it was hoisted by crane to its final building-top position.

“Thousands of Queens residents will benefit from the unique public-private partnership between Grubb Properties and the Metropolitan Transit Authority, whether directly as residents of Link Apartments℠ QPN or through new 24/7 access to the Queensboro Plaza Subway,” said Grubb Properties’ Lauren Cahill, senior vice president of development.

The apartment building is adjacent to the subway station and will provide direct access to the station through a new, fully accessible entrance, pedestrian bridge connection, and an additional elevator.

Subway infrastructure upgrades were completed through the MTA’s Zoning for Accessibility (ZFA) program, which enables the agency to work with private developers to incorporate future station accessibility projects in exchange for increased density in proposed developments.

Link Apartments QPN is one of just five ZFA projects that will make adjacent subway stations more accessible and is the first of its kind in the Queens borough.

“We acquired sites in gateway markets, including QPN and Link Apartments℠ 8 Carlisle in Manhattan’s Financial District, during the COVID-19 pandemic at valuations we hadn’t seen since the Global Financial Crisis,” said CIO Todd Williams. “Our timing afforded us significant cost advantages and means we’ll deliver essential housing to New York at a time when few other projects will be coming online.”

For Grubb Properties’ Development Junior Associate, Abdul Hassan, the topping out ceremony was a meaningful event. “It’s inspiring to witness the culmination of our team’s dedication at the topping-out ceremony,” he said. “Seeing this landmark project rise to new heights fills us with pride and excitement for the community it will soon serve.”


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