New York State to allocate $1.5 billion for government building energy efficiency projects

grand central station nypa
Grand Central Station energy efficiency project (Image from New York Power Authority's Twitter feed)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today says that New York State will be strengthening its commitment to improving energy efficiency at state and local government buildings throughout New York. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) Board of Trustees has approved $1.5 billion in additional program funding over the next seven years as part of the BuildSmartNY program.

The improved energy efficiency in government buildings that will reduce electricity demand by three percent annually, the equivalent of 1.8 million New York households, by 2025, Cuomo says in a statement.

“New York State is leading by example in the fight against climate change because there is no time to waste,” Cuomo said. “State and local government buildings must be at the front of our effort to reduce energy use and emissions. This investment in energy efficiency improvements at government facilities is critical in achieving New York’s energy goals and reducing our carbon footprint.”

The NYPA board authorized investing in a wide variety of energy technology and renewable energy services, including energy audits, project engineering, design, installation and construction management. This strategic support will ensure that NYPA continues to meets its goal of substantially reducing energy usage by investing $300 million annually on energy efficiency and renewable measures at public facilities.

BuildSmartNY energy efficiency projects include high efficiency lighting retrofits, occupancy and daylighting lighting sensors, building and energy management systems, boilers, chillers, air-handling systems, thermal storage, micro-grids, solar photovoltaic systems, digester gas systems, and emerging energy technologies. NYPA provides upfront financing with full cost recovery by its customers.


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