Niagara County’s Warrens Corners set for $2.3 million intersection overhaul


New York Construction Report staff writer

A $2.3 million construction project is about to get underway at the intersection of State Route 104 (Ridge Road) and State Route 93 (Townline Road) – commonly referred to as Warrens Corners – in Niagara County.

The project will realign the intersection located along the border between the towns of Lockport and Cambria to create more traditional, right-angle turns with additional turning lanes and a traffic signal to improve efficiency and visibility at this important junction for travelers in Western New York.

The project will realign State Route 93 to intersect at State Route 104 at a right angle to the west of the existing intersection and install a new traffic signal.

The east leg of Stone Road will also be realigned to the south to intersect with State Route 93 at a right angle. A left turn lane will be added to westbound State Route 104 and a right turn lane will be added to the State Route 93 approach to Stone Road and will carry it through to State Route 104.

Additionally, Old Beebe Road will become a cul de sac and the slip ramp for eastbound State Route 104 to Stone Road will be removed.

Striped crosswalks will be added to the intersection and roadside ditches and drainage pipes will be repaired and re-established. Work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.

“Upgrades to the intersection at Warren’s Corners have long been overdue. This project will go a long way to increase safety, improve traffic flow, and provide essential updates to this vital junction traveled by many Niagara County residents every day,” said State Senator Robert G. Ortt.


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