Our Rental Pumps makes life easier on heavy civil jobs with top-notch equipment, expert operators, and great service

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Sometimes the only way to get a job done is with the right equipment.

This is especially the case with some construction jobs; for heavy civic work, when the job is high above ground or difficult to reach, contractors need reliable machinery to keep the project moving.

Our Rental Pumps does this for the world of concrete pumps. The company is constantly striving to find the best equipment to add to its fleet, the newest technology that gets the job done. It maintains a diversified fleet of top brands to ensure they always have the tools the work demands.

It’s no surprise, then, that Our Rental has introduced a 65 meter boom pump into its fleet. It’s the longest concrete pump in the northeast United States, according to Our Rental Pumps owner and president Samantha Ruttura. “The 65 meter can reach much further than any other pump without adding other hose or pipe that you would for smaller pumps,” Ruttura says. She says some projects, like high bridges, just wouldn’t be possible with a smaller pump.

Ruttura says having key machinery is only part of how the company makes life easier for contractors. Our Rental also employs expert operators who can handle tough jobs in the new machines. Our Rental sends out at least one of the two operators required for the operation of a concrete pump, with each rental.

Operators at Our Rental are American Concrete Pumping Association certified, and can handle the most complex projects. “All our operators are well-educated to be able to efficiently run their jobs and make everyone safer and smoother,” Ruttura says. In fact,
the company now boasts the first Telebelt safety certified operators in the country.

Getting the appropriate machinery and people to the job site at the right time takes thorough consideration and scheduling. Our Rental’s sales manager is often on the road, travelling to work sites to advise on the best equipment for the project.

After a customer establishes which equipment is required, rentals need to be scheduled in,
but with considerable flexibility. “For these large-scale projects we’re working on, things are always shifting,” Ruttura says, noting that the equipment delivery and operators’ schedules have to coordinate with the delivery of supplies and the right stage of the project.

In fact, Ruttura says she does the scheduling herself. “We really try to make sure the contractor’s day runs as smoothly as possible,” she says.

This focus on great customer service is no accident. Ruttura says she knew it was one of her core strengths, one she could build a business on.

Ruttura and her siblings grew up around construction businesses; they are fourth generation in the industry. Our Rental Pumps was born when they decided to branch out and open a business of their own.

Ownership has shifted some since then, but the company remains committed to its roots:
being a locally-owned business and employing operators that live nearby. For the past three years Our Rental Pumps has been a certified Women in Business Enterprise (WBE) with the State of New York. Recently, the company was also certified with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Ruttura says she doesn’t think WBE status changes their customer base very much, because of the specialized nature of the business, but it is definitely a bonus for the companies they partner with.

Besides working with a diverse group of people, doing business with a WBE company provides tax incentives. Ruttura says the program gives women a chance to make their own mark in the industry.


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