Reimagined Scajaquada Expressway to be examined as a way to reconnect Buffalo neighborhoods


New York Construction Report staff writer

Following federal approval for the historic Kensington Expressway project, Governor Kathy Hochul has announced plans for further enhancements along the corridor in East Buffalo.

A study will identify potential improvements, but also consider options for “reimagining” the nearby Scajaquada Expressway in Buffalo. It will start later this year, led by the State Department of Transportation and will evaluate the traffic and environmental impacts of any proposed changes to both highways.

The purpose of the upcoming project is to reconnect the community surrounding the transportation corridor, improve compatibility with the adjacent land uses, address the geometric, infrastructure, and multi-modal needs within the corridor in its current location. The transportation corridor being studied is NYS Route 33 (Kensington Expressway) and Humboldt Parkway between Best Street and Sidney Street.

The expanded study, expected to be completed in 2027, will also incorporate the GBNRTC’s proposals for reimagining the Scajaquada Expressway, which include transforming it into a two-lane, at-grade roadway with enhanced green spaces.

The initiatives are needed to correct past urban planning decisions and foster a more inclusive, vibrant community, Hochul said.


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