Rochester identifying, replacing water lines containing lead


New York Construction Report staff writer

The City of Rochester has launched the “Get the Lead Out Together” campaign to identify water service lines that may be composed of lead-containing materials.

Rochester is recognized as a national leader in this area; Mayor Evans was invited by the White House to participate in a national lead pipe summit in Washington, D.C. earlier this year. The latest campaign is part of an effort to upgrade water infrastructure across the city and more than $43 million has already been allocated for replacing lead-related water service lines.

There are currently about 21,763 public side (outside) and 4,500 private side (inside) water service lines potentially in need of replacement. About 60 percent of these lines are in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

By identifying and reporting the type of water service line that comes into their homes, residents can aid in the creation of a comprehensive inventory and help replacement efforts progress.

“The city recognizes the importance of removing lead and galvanized steel service lines in our water distribution system,” Evans said. “Once you have identified and reported your water service line, lend a hand to a neighbor, family member, or friend that might need help to do the same.

“We won’t get this done overnight, but together, we can work to ensure that every resident, no matter what street they live on, has access to clean, safe drinking water.”

In order to replace the identified lines, the city is supplementing work with federal funds allocated to it through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and will consider to seek additional funds to provide needed resources to accelerate the effort and complete all the replacements needed.

To check a water service line, follow the step-by-step instructions at at


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