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So many small, medium and even large sized subcontractors dismiss tech solutions as too expensive or too complicated for their needs.

This is a HUGE mistake – subcontractors need management software MORE than a general contractor!

There are SMART, simple solutions out there that can help you achieve your goals.

Denying tech has added extra burden to your operations and you don’t even realize it. Denying is also is going to make it harder to grow and thrive in the future.

Here are some of the key reasons SUBS need the good information software can give them even more than generals do.

Subcontractors have more to lose than generals!

  • Subs provide the labor and materials to actually build the project.
  • There is a greater risk to subs when projects are behind or delayed
  • Tracking a project as it happens gives subcontractors power over operational costs and allows them to pivot faster to prevent losses.

Subcontractors are the ones with the larger financial burden to deliver whereas a GC is typically providing coordination costs!

Subcontractors have to manage the same paperwork as a GC!

  • Subcontractors are responsible for generating the paperwork for the GCs
  • Subcontractors are held accountable for compliance with the project requirements
  • Subcontractors are held accountable for asking questions appropriately

Timely and proper documentation of key things is critical to successful project delivery.

The best subcontractors are organized and efficient

That’s why they have their pick of projects!

Good subs have repeat business – design engineers and owners recommend them to GCs

Subcontractors typically have fewer office resources!

  • With smaller business operations you don’t have the extra resources to delegate
  • Fewer people are thereby required to attend to and remember everything and be everywhere.
  • Office resources are necessary to manage RFIs, shop drawings, changes, as-built records and safety reports
  • These tasks typically fall on the business owner to manage, lengthening their days and hours to work

That’s why you need a smarter solution – one without all the bells and whistles, that doesn’t take years to learn how to use, and doesn’t include costs that will rise as your revenue does.

SMARTBUILD is a simple, easy-to-use, and more affordable construction software solution that can help you get ahold of your projects, for less.

Don’t leave the tech to the GCs to get more of an edge. Find out what kind of a difference construction tech can make for the little guys, too. Book a demo today!

Be the best subcontractor you can be!


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