Turner Construction renovates VFW post in Farmingville

vfw construction
Turner Construction Company volunteers at the VFW post in Farmingville, NY

Turner Construction Company has donated labor and materials to renovate VFW Santora – Bonacasa Memorial Post 400 at 540 College Rd., Farmingville, NY, as part of the company’s Founders Day celebration.

Renovations to the Long Island post included a new roof, siding, new A/C system, landscaping and outdoor lighting, new flagpole, new sign, sprinkler system, front steps and walk ways.

“Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce that on Friday, May 5 (along with May 3rd and May 4th to spread out the volunteering), the 115th anniversary of the company’s Founder’s Day, employees from its offices around the world will roll up their sleeves and mark the occasion by volunteering their time and energy to participate in community service projects,” Turner said in an earlier statement.

work on roof
Work on the roof


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