Major workers union announces support for Amazon’s Queens HQ


Building service workers union 32BJ announced its support for Amazon’s planned headquarters in Queens.

Amazon is estimated to build a 4-8 million-sq.-ft. complex along the Queens waterfront. The development could potentially create up to 3,000 jobs for the union.

The union has pre-existing agreements with two private companies that will be involved in the build out of the site, TF Cornerstone and Plaxall, according to a report from Crain’s New York.

In a statement, Héctor Figueroa President of 32BJ said: “Amazon is coming to the most progressive, diverse, union-friendly city and state in the country — a fact that should put to sleep the theory that says we need to kill unions and weaken regulations to attract businesses. As New Yorkers we should be proud that HQ2, and the thousands of good union jobs that will build, maintain and secure this complex, are coming to Long Island City because of the talent of our workforce, the vibrancy of our communities and the strength of our public institutions.”

He added, “There’s still a lot of input that the new development will need from the city and our community to make sure Amazon serves as a positive force to strengthen our transit system, fund our public schools and help all city residents thrive. But let’s not forget, New Yorkers are the number one reason HQ2 will be built in Queens. Now let’s show Amazon how we do business here. New Yorkers of all walks of life know how to organize in their workplace and on the street to hold corporations and government accountable”.


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