New York State announces investment in clean energy infrastructure


New York Construction Report staff writer

The largest state investment in renewable energy in United States history was announced in New York this week.

The initiative includes conditional funding for three offshore wind projects and 22 land-based renewable energy projects that will collectively generate 6.4 gigawatts of clean energy – enough to power 2.6 million homes.

Along with two offshore wind blade and nacelle manufacturing facilities, projects are set to create about 8,300 family-sustaining jobs.

“Our green energy future is now – the green energy present. We’re not waiting any longer. This is a historic investment to demonstrate our full commitment to renewables,” said Gov. Kathy Hochul. “We’ll be judged by how we act in this moment. Do we have the courage, the will, to put the resources behind us and break through all barriers to get this done right? To think act, to think boldly, and act boldly and to seize this moment? The projects we’re announcing today will do just that.”

The investment aligns with Governor Hochul’s recently introduced 10-Point Action Plan to bolster the state’s large-scale renewable energy industry.

Components will be produced in New York, making it the first time ever that such critical parts will be manufactured within the United States, ensuring a domestic supply chain for the burgeoning industry.


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