NYC DOB announces digital construction innovation and safety conference

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New York City’s Department of Buildings (DOB) says registration is open for its upcoming virtual construction innovation and safety industry conference from Nov. 15 to 19.

“This weeklong virtual event will feature a series of educational seminars for industry professionals, with a focus on development and building regulations in our city,” DOB says in a statement.

“These educational seminars will be presented by department experts on a variety of building construction-related topics, with continuing education credits expected to be available for licensed design professionals who attend. Each day during the conference, the Department will be holding multilingual virtual safety sessions for our city’s construction worker community, where our construction safety experts will demonstrate critical safety procedures and answer questions about how to stay safe on the job site.

“Finally, during the conference, the department will also be announcing the winners of our 2021 “Hack the Building Code” Innovation Challenge, who will be invited to present their winning ideas and products to New York City’s development community. All of the events at the digital construction and development industry conference are free and open to the public.”

See the full schedule of seminars and register to attend here.

“There are exciting changes happening in our city’s development community, as the economy continues its steady recovery, and we enact consequential changes to improve the safety, efficiency, sustainability and resiliency of our city’s built environment,” Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca said in a Nov. 1 statement.

“Our digital conferences, have proven to be a consequential link between DOB and the industry professionals, construction workers, and members of the public that we serve.At this conference, we are excited to bring back our successful “Hack the Building Code” innovation challenge for a second year, and proud to continue our multilingual construction safety sessions, which provides critical outreach to the men and women who are building and maintaining our city.”

Seminar and session topics include:

  • 2022 Construction Codes
  • Drone Study and Façade Safety
  • Major Projects Development Program
  • Building Energy Efficiency Grades
  • Local Law 97 Updates
  • Protecting Tenants in Occupied Buildings During Construction
  • Construction Worker Safety Sessions
  • 2021 Hack the Building Code Winners Presentations

“While New York City has made major headway in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and more of our fellow New Yorkers are vaccinated each day, in the interest of public safety the Department will continue to wait before hosting in-person conferences,” DOB says.

“The department is tentatively planning to hold an in-person industry conference next year, as more larger scale indoor events restart in the city. Members of the public are encouraged to register today for this free virtual conference as space is limited.”


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