NYC DOB introduces online bi-weekly Q&A sesssions, monthly borough-specific industry meetings

nyc dob

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) says it has started hosting new online bi-weekly Q&A sessions and new monthly borough-specific industry meetings.

“The online Q&A sessions are intended for property owners, registered design professionals, filing representatives and other construction professionals to ask job specific questions about filings in DOB NOW and the Buildings Information System (BIS),” DOB says in statement. “The sessions are also an opportunity for you to get answers to your questions about permits, construction codes, zoning regulations, Certificates of Occupancy, and violations.”

The online borough-specific industry session will be held monthly for registered design professionals to discuss policy and business process questions that are not job specific. These virtual meetings will provide industry members with a review of recent updates and policy decisions at the department, DOB says.

For the schedule of these upcoming sessions and to sign-up to attend, visit the Upcoming Events page.


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