NYC launches capital projects tracker


New York Construction Report staff writer

New York City has launched a new capital projects tracker that will showcase projects from all major capital agencies. The tracker was recommended by the Capital Process Reform Task Force.

“This tracker is a major step forward for all those who interact with the city on capital projects, and for the public to gain a better understanding of the scope and breadth of the city’s capital program,” said Shari C. Hyman, vice president of public affairs, Turner Construction Company. “Many thanks to the Adams administration and the Comptroller for continuing to implement the recommendations of our Capital Process Reform Taskforce.”

The capital projects tracker — mandated by Local Law 37, is a view into the city’s construction projects and merges schedule information with budget information and provides the total cost, current phase, and projected completion date projects, as well as additional details for all construction.

The task force is comprised of leaders from the construction industry, labor, and minority- and women-owned business enterprises, along with city agencies and the Comptroller’s Office.

“It has been an honor for AECOM to be a part of this auspicious group, working together to support our industry and to build back New York stronger than ever,” said Ali Chaudhry, chief of development and government relations, AECOM. “We commend Mayor Adams for his leadership and vision, as well as our partners in Albany and New York City whose support made this possible.”

The Capital Projects Tracker will play a key role in creating much-needed transparency in the Capital Process and help to further expedite the ongoing critical infrastructure projects that our tradesmen and tradeswomen.

“Building up public trust and increased accountability promotes further approval and funding for more crucial projects that will create thousands of additional good-paying careers for hardworking New Yorkers and much-needed economic stimulus in our communities,” said Gary LaBarbera, president, Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York. “We applaud Mayor Adams and Comptroller Lander for spearheading this initiative that will help strengthen our construction industry and promote further improvements throughout our city.”

Members of the New York Building Congress are “over the moon” that there will now be a one-stop shopping experience for city capital projects.

“At a glance, every New Yorker can now see high-quality data, scheduling, and finance information for projects citywide,” said Carlo A. Scissura, president and CEO. “We thank the mayor, comptroller, and Capital Process Reform Task Force for enabling this new era of transparency and efficiency, ensuring the streamlining of critical infrastructure projects.”


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